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 4 Drum Tips to Keeping Peace With Your Neighbors

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PostSubject: 4 Drum Tips to Keeping Peace With Your Neighbors   Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:15 am

If you're like me, when you first started playing the drums you may have been a little concerned that your neighbors would call the police on you. Or worse, your family would stone you to death!

Some people just can't handle the volume, but don't worry, if you're just starting out, your dreams of becoming a great drummer can still come true.

There are some quick fixes to help keep your family, friends, and neighbors at peace while still allowing you to drum. Just follow these four solid drum tips...

1. Communicate

Typically, your family and neighbors are the ones who are most affected by your choice to drum. So, the considerate, and smart thing to do is have a little talk with these people and work out a way for everyone to agree.

Find out if there are better and worse times for you to practice your drums. Just never assume anything! Sometimes people can get really agitated about something, but just never speak up about it. You don't want any "silent enemies." These kind tend to talk behind your back!

2. Invest in Drum and Cymbal Mutes

Personally, I have a full shag carpet in my practice room. I even have it going half way up the walls. It does a great job of keeping the sound right there in my room.

But, if you're not interested in a shag carpet for whatever reason, consider investing in practice pads for your drumset. These drum accessories significantly reduce the amount of sound your drums and cymbals send out.

I'll be the first to admit that playing with pads isn't near as much fun as playing without them, but they sure make you appreciate the sound of your drumset when it's not muted.

3. Soundproof Your Practice Room

You really don't have to spend a lot of money soundproofing your practice room. like professional drummers do.

You can easily create your own soundproof room with some carpet scraps. I have already mentioned that I have a shag carpet on my floor and walls and it does an excellent job. The only time my neighbors hear me drum is if I open my windows, which I do sometimes on a rare occasion if I'm feeling a little assertive.

Anyway, carpet scraps provide excellent soundproofing! Go to your local carpet store and ask for some free scraps. Then, apply them on the walls and ceiling of your drum practice room. If these carpet scraps are really thin, then layer them.

4. Play Electronic Drums

An electronic drumset is not for everybody. In fact, some drummers just hate them because they say they are not really drums. The theory is, drums are supposed to be an acoustic instrument, and by plugging something in to an electrical outlet, it is no longer acoustic.

Whatever your theory is, if you live in a small space and have really no other way to keep your volume low enough to please everyone, an electronic drumset may be the best solution.

With the option to adjust the volume in your headphones, you can actually drum as loud as you want. It's just that you are the only one who can hear it.


The only thing louder than you on your drums are the people who are screaming at you to knock it off.

People will try to steal your fun on the drumset because they just can't handle the volume, which is understandable. Don't let anyone steal your fun! Bang on your drums all day, but bang on them using some consideration, and you can then bang in peace.

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4 Drum Tips to Keeping Peace With Your Neighbors
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