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 Exploring The Different Kinds Of Graduation Announcements

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PostSubject: Exploring The Different Kinds Of Graduation Announcements   Wed Feb 23, 2011 6:21 pm

Formal announcements are not limited to the more traditional accomplishments of high school or college, although those significant achievements certainly deserve recognition and celebration. Today's families celebrate many different commencement activities using family photographs, personal messages, and special color and layout themes to share news of personal achievements with family and friends. Graduation announcements and graduation invitations can be used to notify and invite loved ones to share in recognizing someone's accomplishments, regardless of the source.
Considering the various types of accomplishments that deserve recognition only begins to scratch the surface of possibilities. The ritual acknowledgement of a goal realized, a successful performance, or skill set mastered is as old as humanity itself. Family and friends will want to share in the successes and accomplishments of those they love and care about. Creating unique cards is an excellent way to continue this rich tradition, but now it can be done with a style and method all your own.
Besides more traditional ceremonies, there are plenty of other times during a student's academic profession when they are said to have completed a program of study and moved on to a new level of expertise. The successful completion of kindergarten is an excellent example. Starting in public school is a huge developmental step in the life of a child. Completing that year deserves some recognition and celebration. So, too, does the completion of elementary and middle school. These accomplishments deserve to be acknowledged, and the students will appreciate the recognition. The traditional blues and golds of academia work well when creating these announcements. Diplomas, caps and gowns, and photos of old school buildings make excellent accents to your unique card.
Professional Programs
Graduating from professional programs, such as nursing, law school, beauty college, mechanics school, and other trades, certainly warrants celebration and congratulations. Creating unique graduation announcements for these achievements is especially fun, since the proverbial tools of the trade can be integrated into the graduation announcement. A nurse's announcement can feature a hypodermic needle or a stethoscope, family photographs, and words of congratulations. Beauty school announcements can be created with curlers and scissors, along with plenty of bright, cheery colors and a stylish font. A mechanic school announcement can be emblazoned with a wrench and include a silly request for a free service call. You are limited only by your own imagination, and there are plenty of online companies with all the tools you need to create professional-looking results at a fraction of the cost.
Military Personnel
Unbeknownst to many civilians, military personnel are almost constantly improving themselves with schooling and hands-on training opportunities. Starting with boot camp or officer candidate school, both of which certainly are deserving of the finest graduation announcement parents can create, there are many other training and education programs attended by military personnel. These efforts at self improvement deserve all the recognition we can give. These graduation announcements can be made with patriotic colors, photographs from childhood and boot camp or OCS, and contain messages of support and gratitude for serving our nation. There are military protocols that must be followed in some cases. It is worth the effort to seek out knowledgeable advice before committing an unintentional blunder. Nearly all military personnel can provide the needed information.
School Of Hard Knocks
While the school of hard knocks may not be accredited or a member of the Ivy League, there are many individuals who deserve some recognition for surviving this rigorous form of education. Using unique graduation announcements to share this highly personal good news with family and friends who genuinely care will be a special touch that the 'grad' will never forget. These graduation announcements can be used when a loved one survives a difficult divorce, overcomes a personal obstacle, or lets go of an unhealthy habit. The recognition and reinforcement that come from outside approval can go a long way to ensure that the recipient continues in the proper direction.
Creating unique graduation announcements with personal messages and family photographs is far easier than one might expect. Photographs are easily transferred from your computer to a website library, where they can be cropped, shuffled, and combined to create unique collections of humorous, solemn, or informative collages unlike any other. Color schemes can be selected that best suit the photographs or that feature the school colors. Font selection and accents help give a polishedFind Article, professional look to your custom graduation announcements and graduation invitations.

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Exploring The Different Kinds Of Graduation Announcements
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