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 Bismarck's plan of

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PostSubject: Bismarck's plan of   Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:26 am

Frederick's children—William in particular—held various political positions and greatly influenced Europe. Unlike his father, William had not personally experienced the horrors of war, and he enthusiastically embraced his family's military heritage, coming under Bismarck's tutelage. The Chancellor, who disapproved of Frederick's and Victoria's liberal ways, felt bound to increase the tensions between William and his parents.[78] William grew up full of disdain for their opinions on government, and shortly after his father's death, proclaimed that he would follow the path of his grandfather, William I. He made no reference to Frederick III.[79] William II abandoned all of his father's policies and ideas, and eventually led Germany into World War I.[8][77]

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Bismarck's plan of
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