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 A Christian wedding

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PostSubject: A Christian wedding    Thu Apr 07, 2011 6:04 pm

A Christian wedding is formalized after the groom puts a ring into bride's finger which is a sign of affirmation from the groom's side that after this, he will marry her only. Then a priest or an elder in the family makes the Christian sign thrice with his hands so that they stay away from the evil. The wedding celebrations begin with Bridal shower in which all the female relatives and friends gift presents to the bride and bless her for her happy married life. This occasion is filled with fun and enjoyment where the bride serves a pink cake to all her relatives in which a thimble is hidden and whoever receives that thimble in her piece of cake will be the next to get married. Similarly, bachelor's party is thrown by the groom for his friends. It involves enjoyment as all the men indulge into heavy drinking

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A Christian wedding
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