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  The Mid tone

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PostSubject: The Mid tone   Thu Apr 21, 2011 9:49 pm

Like the other Senufo languages, Nafaanra has three contrastive tones: High, Mid and Low. Tone is normally not marked in the Nafaanra orthography. Examples are:[16]

kfɔ̀ "yam" (High-Low)
dama "two pesewas (coin)" (Mid)
mŋ "rope" (Low)

The Mid tone sometimes has a rising feature, the High tone sometimes is subject to downstep (a tonal process resulting in a High tone being realised lower than a preceding High tone), and an upstep is also found.[17] The "rising feature" of Mid may be related to the fact that two different Mid tones are found in some other Senufo languages (e.g. Sucite and Supyire).[15] The High tone downstep (signified by a raised exclamation mark) occurs in the following context:[16]
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The Mid tone
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