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 Each of the four gospels

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PostSubject: Each of the four gospels   Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:49 am

Each of the four gospels in the New Testament narrates the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Since the 2nd century, they have been referred to as "The Gospel of ..." or "The Gospel according to ..." followed by the name of the author. Whatever these admittedly early ascriptions may imply about the sources behind or the perception of these gospels, they appear to have been originally anonymous compositions.[3]

* The Gospel of Matthew, ascribed to the Apostle Matthew. This gospel begins with a genealogy of Jesus and a story of his birth that includes a visit from magi and a flight into Egypt, and it ends with the commissioning of the disciples by the resurrected Jesus.
* The Gospel of Mark, ascribed to Mark the Evangelist, who (since he was not one of "The Twelve") later tradition held to have utilized the teaching of the Apostle Peter in his gospel. This gospel begins with the preaching of John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus. Two different secondary endings were affixed to this gospel in the 2nd century.
* The Gospel of Luke, ascribed to Luke, who was also not one of "The Twelve", but was mentioned as a companion of the Apostle Paul and as a physician.[4] This gospel begins with parallel stories of the birth and childhood of John the Baptist and Jesus and ends with appearances of the resurrected Jesus and his ascension into heaven.
* The Gospel of John, ascribed to the Apostle John. This gospel begins with a philosophical prologue and ends with appearances of the resurrected Jesus.
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Each of the four gospels
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