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 Car Insurance How To Find The Best Policy

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PostSubject: Car Insurance How To Find The Best Policy   Tue May 17, 2011 3:11 am

Car insurance and how to find the best policy for you (and the cheapest!). Find the best deal

Car insurance is something every car owner needs (it is required by law), but car insurance can be an expensive proposition. Depending on your age, driving record, the area you live in, the distance you drive in a given year, and type of car you drive, you could be paying thousands of dollars a year.

As with any purchase, it is smart to shop around, compare quotes and see what best suits your needs. The internet has simplified this process, with insurance companies offering online quote questionnaires that are simple to fill out and usually generate a quote amount quickly. These questionnaires are generally the same, asking for age, driving experience, accident history, whether you have been insured before, distance you drive in a year, distance you drive to work, and whether the vehicle is used for business or pleasure.

These questions give companies a basic profile of your driving record, but the questionnaire will ask other things you should not ignore. Be sure to note if you have any anti-theft devices, how many, and what they are specifically. This is less a problem with modern cars, since most come with at least an alarm pre-installed. However, the more anti-theft devices in the car, such as a kill switch, boomerang, even glass etching, can significantly reduce the amount you pay, especially if you live in an area insurance companies consider “high-risk”.

If you happen to have two or more vehicles, be sure note you’d like a multiple car discount. Generally, this won’t reduce your rate, but it won’t increase it much (if at all) either. If you’re planning on selling your other vehicle, one trick is to cover that vehicle for liability only, so you can get the discount.

If you’re part of any groups or organizations, see if you qualify for a discount. Many insurance companies will knock off a few dollars for people who are affiliated with professional organizations, alumni groups, even fraternities and sororities. Check with your credit card company, too. Credit card holders can also qualify for group discounts, depending on the card.

Consider combining your home insurance policy with your car insurance. Most companies will offer a deep discount if you do this, ranging from 5 to 20 %. This is usually an option you’ll find at the beginning of the online questionnaire.

Also be sure to check and see if the questionnaire enquires about any drivers education or defensive driving courses. The more you can show the insurance company you’re a safe driver, the more you will benefit.

One thing you should watch out for is redundant or unnecessary coverage. If you have a health insurance policy, you might want to avoid or reduce the medical coverage included in your car insurance policy. Consider getting only liability coverage on a car worth $1000 or less. You can also raise your deductible. Carrying a $500 deductible as opposed to a $250 or $0 deductible will lower your quote substantially.

Remember, you want to find the company that offers YOU the best rate. Be sure to compare multiple quotes from several different companies. What is the cheapest for one person is not always the cheapest for another.

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Car Insurance How To Find The Best Policy
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