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 Tuneľup Tps For Today's Driver

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PostSubject: Tuneľup Tps For Today's Driver   Tue May 17, 2011 12:05 pm

Tuneľup tips for today's driver to help keep your car in great running condition. Learn how to do a tune-up on your car and why it's important. Spark plugs, oil and oil filter and the cooling system flush and fill are all important for your vehicle.

(NC)ŚBack when your parents were teenagers, getting a Canadian drivers license was a true rite of passage. It meant independence and responsibility.

It also meant that if you were fortunate enough to have a car, you knew how to take care of it. However, today more than 40 percent of consumers don't know how to tuneľup their cars. How to solve this quandary?

Here are three mustľdos to keep in mind next time your ride is in need of service.

1. Replace The Spark Plugs

ľ According to Autolite, a leading spark plug brand, one of the most economical ways to maintain an efficient engine and avoid wasting fuel is to change spark plugs at regular intervals, according to your owner's manual. As spark plug electrodes wear, the voltage required to jump the gap increases. Regular replacement of your car's worn spark plugs will help your engine to run properly. Spark plugs should be checked at least once a year, however it's best to check the owner's manual for maintenance intervals.

2. Replace The Oil And Oil Filter

ľ The job of oil is to lubricate the engine, help it run smoothly, and prevent friction between the parts. The oil filter helps remove engineľdamaging dirt and grit from the oil during every pass through the filter. Regular oil and oil filter changes help keep the inside of the engine both lubricated and clean, so it can run as efficiently as possible. Check your oil level regularly and change your oil and filter at least as often as the recommended maintenance intervals in your owner's manual. Pay close attention to the description of driving conditions for normal or severe service intervals.

3. Do A Flush/Fill

ľ A flush/fill means that you flush the cooling system to clean it and remove sediments that have built up over time, and fill it with new antifreeze/coolant to keep the engine cool and prevent overheats and freezeľups. Coolant should be checked at least twice a year, however it's best to check the owner's manual for maintenance intervals.

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Tuneľup Tps For Today's Driver
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