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 How Public Speaking Improves You As A Person

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PostSubject: How Public Speaking Improves You As A Person   Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:28 am

The reasons why a person gives a public speech are many and varied. They range for being forced by circumstance all the way to a love of standing up in front of a group and addressing them. When asked why a speech has to be given people generally choose one of those external factors. However, it is important to note that successful public speaking is beneficial in the personal development of that individual.
Broadly to speak in public fulfils three roles in your lives. It can improve personal development, influence society or advance your profession.
Improvement in personal development
In Maslow's hierarchy of needs creativity and personal development come near to the top. In an advanced society where food, shelter and safety are almost assured the greatest needs to make a human being complete are in the areas of personal development, advancing self esteem and being creative. Good public speaking is a means of meeting all these needs. The qualification by the word "good" in the previous sentence is very important. To care so little about any task that it is done badly is prejudicial to all the needs listed above.
This probably does not apply to a reader of this article as it can be assumed that anyone taking the trouble to read this is motivated to do well at public speaking. The effort of creating a speech and acquiring the skills to deliver it well will increase self esteem. That is turn adds another layer to the strength and complexity of the personality of the individual.
Influence society
The most obvious examples of this are the senior politicians who guide our lives. Whatever you think about their intelligence, morals or efficacy the fact remains that they have all got into their present position by speaking to groups throughout their career. At a more parochial level we have all seen meetings swayed by the eloquence of one person. As human beings we are very susceptible to the spoken word and can even go against our inclinations if someone speaks well. You could be that person by learning the skills of public speaking and gaining the satisfaction of swaying a public meeting by the way you have presented an argument.
It also marks the transition from silently complaining about something and doing something about it. You may not win your argument but it is beneficial to have articulated it.
Advance your profession
This does not just mean your paid jobs. It can be any group of which you are a member. The person who can deliver a talk to a group that is both cogent and confident is usually the one selected for promotion or advancement. It may not be fair but it is a fact. These articles are concerned with public speaking in terms of a set piece but of course the comments could equally apply to presentations which are such an integral part of business communications.
For these reasons it is important to see the acquisition of public speaking skills as part of your personal development and not just a means giving a message to your fellow citizens.

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How Public Speaking Improves You As A Person
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