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 . Although she never practiced her pr

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PostSubject: . Although she never practiced her pr   Sat Jul 02, 2011 12:47 pm

over's supporters to attack the Democratic candidate Al Smith. This was because the major attacks on Smith relied upon his being a Catholic. Because the First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, these attacks were frowned upon politically. Being labeled as an "anti-Prohibitionist drunkard" was allowed politically. Hoover also relied on the support of the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and the Anti-Saloon League to bolster prohibition.[27]

Historians agree that Hoover's national reputation and the booming economy, combined with deep splits in the Democratic Party over religion and Prohibition, guaranteed his landslide victory with 58% of the vote. Hoover managed to crack the so-called "Solid South", winning such traditionally Democratic states as Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas and Tennessee. As advertising executive Bruce Barton put it, "Americans knew that although they might have more fun with Smith, they would make more money with Hoover."

Unlike many previous first ladies, when Hoover's wife, Lou Henry Hoover, came to the White House, she had already carved out a reputation of her own, having graduated from Stanford as the only woman in her class with a degree in geology. Although she never practiced her profession formally, she typified the new woman of the post-World War I era
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. Although she never practiced her pr
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