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  Australian Bureau of Meteorology

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PostSubject: Australian Bureau of Meteorology   Fri Aug 12, 2011 4:51 am


As of 2007 the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has not published climatic data for North Island, but an automatic weather station has been installed on the island since 1990, and hourly measures of precipitation, air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure have been publicly available since then. This is the only weather station in the Houtman Abrolhos, so its data underlies climatic models of the island chain as a whole. Based on the data for North Island, the Houtman Abrolhos has been described as having a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and cooler, wet winters. Mean temperatures range from 9.3 to 19.5 C (49 to 67 F) in July, and from 19.1 to 32.4 C (66 to 90 F) in February. This is a substantially smaller range than on the mainland: the summer temperature is typically a degree cooler, while winter temperatures are a good deal warmer. This is due to the influence of the ocean, in particular the Leeuwin Current.[19]

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Australian Bureau of Meteorology
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