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 Why slow internet and how to fix it

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PostSubject: Why slow internet and how to fix it    Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:12 am

Is your hard disk full of trash? If you answered yes, you may definitely have a slow internet connection problem now or in the near future. This is because these spam stuffs definitely count against your available hard disk space, as well as your RAM. If you are storing too much of these things in your computer, there is definitely much slow internet connection problems to expect than the ordinary scenario. Keep in mind that in order to enjoy fast internet speed, you have to keep your computers clean and tidy, which means that you should get rid of any kind of trash from your system. Do not even let them loiter inside your local drives, or even in your recycle bins-delete them immediately.

Have you been keeping too much cookies, internet files, and browsing history? You may unintentionally be doing this before you even know it, but you should know how to get rid of them. To do that, you need to go to the settings in your web browser that contains all the details in the saved cookies, passwords, search bar contents, and even browsing history files. Simply clear them, or you can also configure your browser to automatically clear it for you each time you log out. This powerful feature of your web browsers can definitely help resolve slow internet connection problems because you do not have to worry about getting trash or harmful stuffs that you might have downloaded in the internet, and the only way to prevent this from happening is to delete anything that you do not need in your system.

Is your PC infected? While there may be disk space issues that could be the most obvious problem that has resulted to very slow internet connections, the most common problem is still getting your computer infected with online viruses that have the capability to disrupt or damage important system files that will slow your computer down. As viruses get into your system, they may have the power to thrive and multiply without leaving a single trace on their system activities. In fact, it is very hard for a computer to pinpoint these viruses without the help of the proper protection softwares that will resolve your slow internet connection problems caused by viruses and spyware. You can definitely eliminate these threats by installing a powerful software that will keep the weakest part of your PC secured from even the most damaging attacks online: your windows registry. Nothing can be more effective than employing this immediate measure that will keep your computers secured from any harmful attacks, thereby keeping it clean and fast so that there will be no more slow internet connection problems ever to bother you again.

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Why slow internet and how to fix it
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