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PostSubject: Stevia Tabs    Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:47 pm

Welcome to Science Fiction Engineering
Help bring science fiction closer to reality!

Science fiction artists (for books, movies, TV, radio, internet, etc.) provide us with imaginative technologies that could become reality. These include ideas for space-time travel, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, to name a few. It is a nexus, where art and imagination meets technology.

With emerging globalisation, freedom of information, and the number of academics rising, the rate and complexity at which knowledge is produced is ever increasing. It is becoming more challenging to gain both breadth and depth of knowledge in a variety of areas needed to become inventive today. Often it is teams, or teams of teams of people, that are required to successfully engineer a finished product, from the small seed of an idea.

The aim of this site is to provide a forum for your ideas, but also to take advantage of the knowledge of the masses to develop them. The goal is to develop these science fiction ideas into reality, within my lifetime (probably another 50 years, or until the year 2060 AD). The motivation for this goal is that it is possible that I will not live forever, nor have the monetary means for a sip from the fountain of youth, thus I would like to see these technologies exist before I move on.

On this site, you can find, design or engineer some solutions to create the technology envisioned by these science fiction artists. Enter the blog to read some thoughts on these solutions, to submit your own ideas, or to build upon the existing ones. Making the blog sections a members' area, means that the development of the ideas are tracked, and you may even be contacted for your ideas.

Hope you enjoy this budding process of invention.

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Stevia Tabs
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