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  'The weekend. I will be back late tomorrow.'

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PostSubject: 'The weekend. I will be back late tomorrow.'    Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:05 am

Pyres said he was sorry, but that there was nobody else. November was almost here, there were city elections, this was the busiest time of the year.

'In fact,' oozed Pyres, 'We need you back as soon as possible, here. How long is this - personal stuff gonna take?'

'The weekend. I will be back late tomorrow.'

There was a muffling, a scratching, then a silence. Then Pyres came back on the line. 'Yeah. Mr. Rollo is anxious to see his daughter, Ed. This personal stuff better be real important - '

'I can put her on a bus right now, she will be back in four hours. You can meet her at Port Authority at - '

'Ed, Ed, please. You're the professional, right? You were sent to get the chick and bring her back, not put her on a damn bus while you go sightseeing. Those fucking buses stop, you know? Pit stops, like, and what do we tell Rollo when she doesn't hop back on, okay? No - if you have some things to do, just do them, but the girl stays with you, and comes back down with you.'jordvarme
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'The weekend. I will be back late tomorrow.'
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