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  Earthbound for the SNES

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PostSubject: Earthbound for the SNES   Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:08 am

Earthbound, possibly one of the greatest games ive played. The style, the music, and the way the battles flow seem to hypnotise me into playing it, over and over again. In this review I'll break the game down step by step. First...

The story is about a boy named ness, who isnt like any other child. He has psychic powers. But ones that he doesnt know yet. The story begins when a metorite comes and hits a hill, not to far from Ness' house. Ness decides to investigate. When ness arrives at the site, police men and Pokey, Ness' neighbor, a selfish non caring boy, are blocking the way. Pokey tell's Ness to go away, and come back later. When Ness' arrives home, he quickly gets back into bed. A few hours later, there's banging on the front door, that just wont stop. When Ness goes and see's who it is, it's Pokey. He tell's you his brother, Picky, has gone missing and he wants Ness' help. So, taking his sister's cracked bat along for protection from the rabid animals that have been running amuck lately, they set off. When Ness and Pokey finally find Picky near the meteorite, A fly starts buzzing around ness. The fly happens to be Buzz Buzz, a bee from 20 years (correct me if im wrong) in the future, where Giygas owns all of the galaxies. Buzz Buzz has come back because of the prophecy which says that only a group of 3 boys and 1 girl, can ever hope of stopping Giygas. Buzz Buzz believes that Ness is one of those boys. Ness isnt fully aware of the quest before him, but he ventures back to his house. On the way there, they are confronted by a Starman Jr. Who is also from the future to capture Buzz Buzz. Buzz Buzz easily SMAAAAASH's the Starman and they continue to the house. When they finally arive back, Buzz Buzz was swatted down by Pokey's mom. Buzz Buzz tells Ness that he must venture to His Eight Sanctuaries where he must venture, to be come strong enough to beat giygas. At each sanctuary, a melody will play, which Ness will record with his sound stone. As Buzz Buzz dies, Ness knows that this is his destiny, and heads out over Eagleland. Ness' travel takes him to many cities, such as Onett, Twoson, Threed, Fourside, Summers, Winters, Scaraba, Magicant, and more. On the way, he meets many allies, such as Paula, a nice girl from Twoson. But don't let her fool you, she has many psychic powers, that may even surpass Ness! He also meets the Runaway Five, which no matter where they go, the runaway five always seem to be in debt. In Threed, Ness and Paula get captured, and need Jeff's help to save them. So Jeff, travilng all the way from Winters, Go to save Ness and Paula, whom he has never even met before. In Summers, They meet Poo, a prince who knows many healing PSI moves. He is the final member to aid you in your quest. Other charecters you meet are Dr. Andonuts, Apple and Oarnge kids, Mr. Saturns, many others. The final battle to save the world, is the between the children of prophecies, and Giygas himself. By Praying to those whom you've met, you can beat the embodiment of evil with love. In the end, the children move on, back to their own lives, but they know that nothing will be the same again.
This story is a 10/10

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Earthbound for the SNES
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