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  What is Normal?

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PostSubject: What is Normal?   Tue Jan 17, 2012 6:26 am

I was thinking about this on the bus on the way home from school. (Wow, long, confusing sentence) So, in your opinion, what is normal? Like in school, for instance. Or some random fact from faraway.

Well, in my grade, hardly anyone wears black except a few people. There's no emo people in my school (and what's the point of people saying that being emo is weird?), but there's definitely more than enough of those girl people who like shopping over $1000 every month or so. Especially this one girl. She spends nearly $500 per week, which personally, I think, is a waste of money. Anyway, if you play saxophone in band, it's considered competitive. Apparently, I'm the fifth chair in band, but first chair in my grade (Lighty's first in school). And you know what? So many saxophonists tried out. I didn't make it Laughing! Also, there's a lot of people who play soccer and football. Lots of cheerleaders too.

Also, I'm not considered normal in my grade for two reasons: one, I'm a twin; second, people think I'm smart. Which I'm not. But probably because I read more than normal.

Ooh, which brings me another point. The book Twilight is becoming obsessive in my school. Anyone else's school like that? (Literally. Like today, when the movie came out, everyone was wearing Twilight T-shirts or homemade ones. I didn't because I don't particularly like Twilight)

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What is Normal?
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